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Motorway & Refresher Driving Lessons

Motorway & Refresher Lessons

Gain extra confidence on your driving abilities & improve existing skills by learning new driving techniques by taking our Motorway & Refresher Driving Lessons 

For those people who are ready to venture further afield and wanting to gain extra confidence on their motorway driving abilities. This course is to help people from a range of backgrounds and driving experiences, including:
● Newly Qualified Drivers - Who have recently passed their driving test, and have never driven a car alone on a motorway.
● Motorway Anxiety - For drivers who want to overcome their specific anxiety of using the motorway.
● Need To Use Motorways - For those who need to use the motorway more often, and want to ensure their driving skills are up to scratch.

Ideal for those drivers wanting to brush up on their existing driving skills or for those drivers who have not driven for a while. If you are new to the area this is a terrific opportunity to build your confidence in driving in a busy town centre.



2 Hour

Motorway Lesson


1 Hour

Automatic Lesson


1 Hour

Manual Lesson


Motorway Lessons

Refresher Lessons

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